fbpx 2009: Advocate for Policy Change | World Osteoporosis Day


2009: Advocate for Policy Change


World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) 2009 was the second year of a call to action campaign with a health policy focus under the motto ‘Stand Tall for Bone Health’.

The thematic report issued for WOD was dedicated to the FRAX® – the WHO Fracture Risk Assessment Tool first launched in 2008. This new online calculation tool was developed to improve the identification of people at high risk of fracture based on clinical risk factors. FRAX enables doctors to make more informed treatment decisions during a clinical assessment of their patients. The message: worldwide implementation of FRAX® around the world will help increasing numbers of high-risk people to be diagnosed and treated before disabling and life-threatening fractures occur – even in countries where access to costly DXA services is limited.

The FRAX® focus underlined a key practical measure that can be taken by healthcare professionals and health authorities to tackle the growing burden of fragility fractures due to osteoporosis.


Thematic report

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