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2015: Serve Up Bone Strength.


WOD 2015 focuses on the importance of adopting a bone-healthy diet through a person’s lifetime to optimize bone strength. It conveys the message that the first step in osteoporosis prevention begins in youth, when nutrition can help to maximize our bone-building potential, and continues throughout life as we strive to maintain strong bones at older age.

Whilst this campaign focuses on nutrition, nothing works in isolation and there are other modifiable risk factors that can put people at risk if not adequately managed, including sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol use. A holistic approach to osteoporosis prevention and management is key and it is important that people gain an indepth understanding of their individual risk factors in order to better control them. Poor nutrition is one of these critical risk factors, which is why the WOD 2015 campaign tagline urges us to ‘Serve up bone strength’. 



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