World Osteoporosis Day

WOD 'Love Your Bones' public event

On September  4 the Patient Society "OSTEORUS"  and the Russian Association for Osteoporosis (RAOP) are organizing a special event  to raise awareness among the general public about Osteoporosis and its prevention.

The event is held in conjunction with the International Day of Charity.

The motto of the event is "Love your bones - Protect your future."

The day's program includes:

1 Ask a doctor a question: "How to keep your bones strong"
2 Distribution of flyers containing important information about osteoporosis  and its prevention.
3 Presentation of the recommendations of IOF" 5 Steps for Prevention"

Special activities for kids:

1 Demonstration of the children's cartoon video" Love your bones . Protect your health"
2 Quick Osteoporosis Quiz for Kids.