World Osteoporosis Day The short film "Mañana y siempre"

The short film "Mañana y siempre" directed by Manuel M. Velasco and starring Concha Velasco, a great star of Spanish cinema, is part of the awareness campaign for the prevention of fracture due to Osteoporosis, led by FHOEMO together with SEIOMM and AECOSAR with the collaboration of Amgen and UCB. The short film tells, from the perspective of an eight-year-old girl, the reaction of a family when the grandmother is diagnosed with osteoporosis and warns of the consequent risk of fracture.

The actors talk about this campaign: Concha Velasco tells us «We want to make noise with this campaign: because staying disabled when there is treatment should not be acceptable. Although there are effective therapies to combat Osteoporosis, it is estimated that 80% of the people who have suffered an osteoporatic fracture do not receive a diagnosis of the disease nor the corresponding treatment. »

However, this disease is not the end of the world, you can take care of it and with the appropriate treatment those affected can continue doing a lot of wonderful things.

It is an intimate and familiar story, which alternates surreal and magical sequences that emerge from the child's perspective. The sweet and kind vision of the granddaughter, who does not want to see her fragile grandmother and therefore she creates a world of clouds and cottons that shows the reality of the disease through interpretation.