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FEBRASGO - World Osteoporosis Day

It will be an event dedicated to Gynecologists and Obsterician about the importance of bonde health care.  The National Committee specialized in osteoporosis of FEBRASGO believes that the role of gynecologist and obstetrician is fundamental in the prevention of this silent epidemic through primary prevention, early diagnosis and the establishment of therapeutic measures, which may change the panorama of this serious disease in the world. Regarding the campaign: FEBRASGO will send through a newsletter to all 17,000 FEBRASGO members and to the 3000 residents of Gynecology, the complete osteoporosis online course "Meet the Expert Online - 2020 edition" dedicated to women’s bone health. The complete availability of the febrasgo #11 webinar of bone health care in times of pandemic of covid- and the international webinar of IOF-LATAM with participation of FEBRASGO on the scenario of bone health in Latin America in the post-pandemic. Dissemination of the Risk Check Tool with the link to access in portuguse and scientific papers regarding recommendations for practice.