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Reader phone campaign

On the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day 2020 (October 20), specialists from  the DVO (Dachverband Osteologie eV) and the Bundesselbsthilfeverbands für Osteoporose e. V. will provide information on the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis to readers by telephone.

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They will answer all your questions including: Can my broken bone be a sign of osteoporosis? How high is my personal risk of osteoporosis? Can one detect osteoporosis early? What happens during a bone density measurement? What is the therapy for osteoporosis? How do I strengthen my bones? How do I reduce the risk of falling in old age? Where can I find a specialist in osteoporosis? These experts answer all questions about the “warning signal bone fracture”, the prevention and guideline-based treatment of osteoporosis on the reader's telephone:

• Dr. med. Christiane Karrenberg; Resident specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery; Osteologist DVO; Sports medicine, chirotherapy, acupuncture; Osteological focus center DVO; Rösrath
• Dr. med. Friederike Thomasius; Osteologist DVO, internal medicine, coordinator of the guideline commission for osteoporosis of the DVO (Dachverband Osteologie eV); Frankfurt Hormone and Osteoporosis Center; Frankfurt / Main
• Dr. med. Ortrun Stenglein-Groeschel; Specialist in orthopedics, chiropractic therapy, sports medicine; Osteologist DVO; Orthopedics in the Reichsgraf, outpatient osteological focus center DVO; Coburg
• Dr. Thorsten Freikamp; Managing Director of the Federal Self-Help Association for Osteoporosis e. V .; Dusseldorf

WHEN: On Thursday, October 15 from 4 to 7 p.m.
Call 0800 - 5 33 22 11 from all German networks free of charge.