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Video mapping projection show for WOD

ASPOR planned to mark the WOD event on October 20, 2020 with a video-mapping show, projecting large 3D images (and some text messages) on the oldest multi-storey building (15th centruy) of the city center of Klausenburg (Cluj Napoca), Romania, transforming it in an interactive visual environment. The show will have an impact not only at the projection site, but also by broadcasting the registered event on media / social media channels. The messages we want to promote with this occasion to the general public (media, decision makers, patients): 

1. Osteoporosis - cause no. 1 of bone fractures (painful, debilitating, at risk of death) 2. It affects not only the individual but also family members, the patient's community often enduring the burden of care3. If one of the parents has had OP, it increases their own risk of developing the disease: identify your risk… Take timely measures to prevent fractures!