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Kracashvili Marine

Kracashvili Marine 67years old.  She lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.

She had yearly menopause when she was 41 due to hysterectomy.

She has 4 grandchildren and is very busy with taking care of them. She never payed attention to her health – she had back pain when lifting the kids but she never visited a doctor. She didn’t care that she didn’t receive dairy. She never practice any sports and never exercised when she was young.

At the age of 56 she had a forearm fracture when she slipped while working in the garden. She didn’t do the DXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan as she assumed fracture would develop with the kind of fall she had anyway.

At the age of 61 she fractured her spine when she was lifting her mother who had mobility difficulties after stroke.

After visiting a doctor she was sent to DXA scan. She was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. The doctor prescribed the medication, Calcium and Vitamin D and healthy lifestyle.

“My life has been changed since then. I try to take extra care to avoid      falls. I started to pay attention to my lifestyle and diet.  I changed my diet – now I try to receive healthier meals with plenty of dairy. I walk everyday for 40 minutes, try to get enough sun exposure and receive the prescribed medications on time. I regularly receive the information from GASMD Facebook page about osteoporosis and healthy nutrition.

I regret that I wasn’t informed about osteoporosis before I had fractures.

I advise everyone to be informed about osteoporosis and have the DXA scan at the age of 50-55. This will help to prevent fractures. I believe people need to take care of their bones from the early age.  It is very important to build up your bone and mussel mass when you are young.  I think if you have strong bones and mussels it is unlikely to develop osteoporosis and fractures.  You should keep to exercise also in old age to maintain bone mass. My doctor says everyone should be aware that keeping up strong mussels can help to avoid falls”.