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Mariana Zucconi

"I am 47 years old and I was born in Argentina. I had always been a very active woman - physical activity was paramount in my life, along with my family and work.

From the age of 38 things changed. A deep pain in my groin led me to consult with doctors and I discovered that I had a stress hip fracture. I could not believe it! The doctors were also amazed at what had happened to me at such a relatively young age.

From that moment on, my life and my daily habits changed abruptly and completely unexpectedly. Even though I had a family history of osteoporosis and fracture (my mom suffered a spinal fracture), I always thought that at that age I was not at risk, and I had quit smoking a year ago, after 16 years as a smoker.

I went through three major surgeries, the last one being a total left hip replacement. I then started the right treatment to solve the problem that caused the fracture because I was at risk of breaking again. I had always related the disease that afflicted me, "Osteoporosis", to older people like my mother.

The rehabilitation took a long time. I needed help, not only from a medical point of view, but my family too had to adapt to this new situation and took on a very important role with regard to my rehabilitation, support and care.

This condition not only led to physical limitations, but was also very depressing, affecting my state of mind. I knew that I would never be able to perform certain activities and movements again. As well, the scars from the surgeries on my leg and the loss of muscle mass changed my body aesthetically, a situation that affected me and it took me time to accept that I had to start over."

Currently, I lead a relatively normal life, although always mindful that I have a prosthesis and must be cautious. I ensure that I check my calcium levels, I also incorporate into my diet foods that are calcium-rich and I do regular physical activity, which is my personal ‘motor’ and helps me to overcome the pain.

I understand that heredity, the genetic load that I carry, is something that I can’t change. However, I can take action for prevention by instilling in my children the need to take precautions, so that they do not go through the same situation. Healthy eating, physical exercise and regular health checks are important measures to prevent this disease.