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Olga Chon

Olga is now 97 years of age. She was a homemaker most of her life.

Several years ago Olga was diagnosed with osteoporosis and at the time was prescribed medication to strengthen her bones.

Osteoporosis is known as a ‘silent disease’ because it has no apparent symptoms - until a fracture occurs. Olga did not see or feel the benefits of the prescribed treatment, so, like all too many patients, she stopped taking her medication.

Without treatment, her bone density continued to decline and she remained at very high risk of breaking a bone. Then, in December 2018, Olga had a minor fall while in her home and suffered a devastating hip fracture. She was rushed to hospital, had surgery and was given a prosthetic hip replacement.

Currently, Olga takes her treatment for osteoporosis, hoping to avoid another fracture. Immediate treatment is important because as many as 5-10% of patients will otherwise experience a second hip fracture, with 23% occurring in the year following the first hip fracture. Olga also has regular physical therapy sessions as part of her treatment plan.

Hip fractures at older age are very debilitating, with 40% of patients unable to walk independently and 60% requiring assistance a year later. Because of these losses, 33% of hip fracture patients remain totally dependent or in a nursing home in the year following their fracture.

Olga is fortunate in that she can rely on her family for help. Her daughter-in-law gives her much needed support, helping with her daily chores and other activities.