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Svetlana Gabysheva

Svetlana Innokentievna Gabysheva lives in the city of Yakutsk in the Russian Federation. She is a teacher, having taught economics and law at a commercial college for 42 years before her early retirement due to osteoporosis. Below Svetlana tells her story.

“In November 2015, at the age of 63, I was on my way to work when I fell on a slippery sidewalk and landed on my left side. I immediately felt severe pain around my left hip joint and was unable to put weight on my left leg. I tried to get up on my own to get home, but was unable to due to the severe pain. An ambulance was called and a diagnosis was made at the Emergency Medical Center: impacted fracture of the left femur neck and arthrosis of the hip joints. On the third day after the examination, I had hip fracture surgery and at this time, systemic osteoporosis was diagnosed.


After the operation, it took four months to recover and rehabilitate. I spent two months using crutches and another two with a cane.


In March 2016, I had to go to work, because I was the head of the correspondence department and with the examinations beginning it was necessary to make a schedule and hold theoretical classes with the students. I went to lectures with a cane, and my leg and back ached because I was putting weight on the one leg. After the examinations and diploma related work was finalized, I realized that I would not be able to continue my working life. The heavy load on the leg and spine was causing great pain and restriction of movement. This made it difficult to reach the different floors and the study room. Sadly, I could no longer fully work and fulfill my assigned professional functions.

Of course, my friends and family helped me - husband, children and work colleagues all pitched in. I was brought to work and taken home by car and offered moral support. After the operation and rehabilitation period they all tried to persuade me to stop working, but I wanted to complete the school year. Finally, in June 2016, I decided to complete my teaching activities and retired.

In the Department of Traumatology, I was advised to go to the clinic of the medical institute of the North-Eastern Federal University, where there is a center for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Since March 2016, I have been undergoing treatment in the center under the supervision of leading experts. During the four years of treatment, the disease has receded, and the pain has stopped. I walk on my own, without a cane and barely limp.

Every year I have a bone densitometry test. Thanks to my treatment regimen, my bone density has improved significantly and my risk for major osteoporotic fractures over the next 10 years has decreased.

My advice: If you follow all the recommendations of a doctor, undergo all the necessary examinations and treatments, you can hope for improvements in the fight against this disease. I began to practice therapeutic yoga, which also helps to improve the physical condition of the body and mood. I travel with pleasure, bring up my grandchildren, and grow flowers in the garden. Despite my age, I am optimistic about the future!