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Media: mark your calendars for World Osteoporosis Day on October 20, 2015

Whether you work online or off-line, are a journalist, blogger, avid tweeter, scientific writer, work for a magazine, newspaper, scientific publication or the broadcast media, you are a key partner in helping us to raise awareness of osteoporosis.

Press releases and supporting material

June 8, 2015

  • Bone health starts in the womb so good nutrition key to strong bones through life
    Official launch of World Osteoporosis Day puts the spotlight on the importance of bone-healthy nutrition from early life through to adulthood. With the majority of people not getting adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin D and protein, the release highlights the severe consequences this can have on the bone health of global populations.
  • Fact sheet: Nutrition and bone health throughout life
    Contains supporting data and statistics to help write up your stories
  • Fact sheet: Milk and dairy products are good for bone health
  • Fact sheet: What you need to know about osteoporosis

October 6

  • Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Bones
    A technical report – written by leading experts in the field – which highlights the nutritional needs of children & adolescents, adults and seniors will be launched. It will highlight key statistics on the impact of poor nutrition on bone health and the importance of building peak bone mass in early years to keeping bones strong into old age.
    Global release

    Regional releases

October 20

  • Calculator shows that 89% of users aren’t getting enough calcium, a key nutrient for good bone health
    This WOD release announces new findings showing that 89% of those who used the new IOF Calcium Calculator, which is based on Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations, were calcium deficient. 

You will also be provided with media backgrounders, quotes, fact sheets, infographics and a case study to help you make your stories as compelling as possible.

Please consider the dates above and add them into your editorial calendars so that you can highlight the news or include feature stories around WOD. IOF communications team will be happy to provide you with any additional information or connect you with leading experts in the field for interviews.

Calcium Infographic

Calcium, together with vitamin D, protein and other nutrients helps children build maximum peak bone mass, adults maintain healthy bones & avoid premature bone loss, and seniors to sustain mobility and independence.

We collected anonymous data from 6908 self reported responses to the IOF Calcium Calculator tool to find out if test takers are getting enough calcium in their diets.

> Access calcium intake infographic