World Osteoporosis Day

Public Open Lecture Program 2016

Public Open Lecture Program 2016, Do you know your Bones?
Dr. Koichi Sato, the director of Sato orthopaedic surgeon, talked about locomotive syndrome as the lecture 1. He pointed out that Fine Foot and Hip will be established to know how to deal with locomotive syndrome. Strengthen muscle power and bone not to be bedridden when you fall. The second lecture, Dr. Hiroya Okano, the director of Iidabashi Ladies Clinic, focused the importance of female hormone which protects their bones from excess bone resorption. Ms. Keiko Ohara, the exercise interventionist at the Kenko-in clinic, showed some pattern of exercises which keeps the fine posture, some walking exercise and good for daily performance. She said that doing those exercises would support fine life duration. Dr. Noriko Tsukamoto, the professor of Teikyo Heisei university, gave some diet tips to support fine life. This program was held under the aegis of MHLW, Tokyo Metropolitan, Sumida ward, JOA, Tokyo Medical Association, JOS, Japan Bone Club and Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation 2000. The Program also sponsored by Pfizer Japan Inc, Eli Lilly Japan KK, Meiji Co Ltd, Morinaga Milk Industry Co Ltd, and Bean Stalk Snow Co Ltd. Many Thanks to all supporters.