World Osteoporosis Day FLS Course

Ortho-geriatrics: The Global Perspective
Bridging the Gap of Multidisciplinary Hip Fracture Care and the Future Role of the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) in the Philippines

The one-day symposium took place at the Philippine General Hospital (The National University Hospital) at the University of the Philippines, Manila on October 20, 2018, World Osteoporosis Day.

The course addressed the ideal pathway of care for the treatment of fragility fracture patients, especially the treatment of hip fractures in the elderly.

The delegates, local physicians and other paramedical personnel, were given a global perspective on the multidisciplinary care of fragility fractures, as well as secondary fracture prevention, and learned about the importance of Fracture Liaison Services (FLS). The objectives were to:

  • provide knowledge and basic concepts about the global perspective in the ideal treatment of fragility fractures in geriatric hip fracture patients.
  • provide knowledge on secondary fracture prevention by promoting the establishment of the Fracture Liaison Service in both government and private hospitals in the Philippines.

After each topic/lecture, questions were asked through an open forum.

A workshop dedicated specifically to the establishment of Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) was held in the afternoon. Among the key speakers was Dr Lee Joon-Kiong (Malaysia), Founding member of AFOS and Chair of IOF’s Regional Advisory Committee for the Asia-Pacific and S. Africa.

In-depth discussions took place after the workshop, and the participants were asked to present strategies on how to establish FLS in their respective hospitals.

The Course was indeed a very effective way to mark World Osteoporosis Day: experts agree that promoting the implementation and knowledge of FLS is the key way to advance fragility fracture prevention.