World Osteoporosis Day in Matsumoto

Celebrational events of the World Osteoporosis Day will be held in Matsumoto. The National Treasure, Matsumoto Castle will be lit up blue as same as in last year. Some addtional events will provide the bone mass measurement experience seminar and open public seminar for citizens.  These events will be sponsored by Matsumoto city, Matsumoto Health Lab. and Japan Osteoporosis Foundation.  

  1. The National Treasure, Matsumoto Caste, blue light-up on the World Osteoporosis Day.
  2. Check your bons!, Bone Mass Measuremnt Experience Seminar at Otogi festival in Matsumoto Junior College on Oct 13.
  3. Practice from Today!, Open public lecture at Otogi festival in Matsumoto Junior College on Oct 13. Dr. Yukio Nakamura will talk on the tips of gymnastics and meals to srrengthen your bones.
  4. Bone Mass Measurement Experience Seminar at AEON mall Matsumoto on Oct 17.
  5. Reversing the agig of bones and muscle at any age, Open public lectue at the 8th World Health Capital Conference in Matsumoto on Nov. 9. Dr. Yukio Nakamura will talk.