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Campaign to raise awareness

Pregnancy and Lactation associated osteoporosis (PAO/PLO) is a rare form of osteoporosis that can occur in pregnancy or during the postpartum period. It causes low-trauma or no-trauma fractures mainly in the spine. It can also cause hip/pelvic/sacral or other fractures. Many of the health professionals caring for pregnant and postpartum women are unfamiliar with this rare disease, and as such pain associated with fractures is often misdiagnosed as muscular aches due to pregnancy or postpartum hormone changes.  The PAO patient expert group affiliated with the Royal Osteoporosis Society is a panel of UK based women who have developed PAO education documents for healthcare professionals working with pregnant/postpartum women.  The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about this rare disease, to support an earlier diagnosis for women, and to provide information about different treatment options. We have developed two documents aimed at providing healthcare professionals with information about this rare disease.  Should you wish to access these documents we can be contacted at: pregnancylactationosteoporosis@gmail.com