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Keeping Your Bones Strong & Osteoporosis seminar

You’re invited to join Sports Medicine and Orthopedic provider Steven Johnson, DMSc, PA-C, for a seminar about “Keeping Your Bones Strong & Osteoporosis” on World Osteoporosis Day, Oct. 20. Find out how you can promote good bone health for yourself and your family. The live socially-distanced and virtual seminar will be 12 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 20 at Northwest Medical Center-Bentonville. Attendance for the live seminar is extremely limited to ensure proper social distancing. If you would prefer to join us virtually please register and we will send the link to you before the seminar. According to International Osteoporosis Foundation, “Osteoporosis is vastly underdiagnosed and undertreated. Worldwide, millions of people at high risk of broken bones (fractures) remain unaware of the underlying silent disease. The huge human and socioeconomic cost, and severe impact of fractures on patients’ independence, is underestimated.”