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Milk Day in Yekaterinburg On the Occasion of WOD

On October 20, the Municipal Association of Libraries and the Ural Branch of the Russian Osteoporosis Association (RAOP) will hold a Milk Day. The traditional event will be held for the first time in an online format. On the MAB "VKontakte" page you will be able to listen to lectures by specialists, get acquainted with current literature and even make useful exercises .

Experts of the World Health Organization ( WHO) and the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) )call the problem of osteoporosis as  one of the most urgent in the world.

 At 11:00 Larisa Maltseva, Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs of "Bitimsky" Agricultural Complex, will talk about the benefits of dairy products. She will also give advice on which milk is better to choose.

At 13:00 everyone will be able to do exercises together with the specialists of the Ural Kinesiotherapy Center. A video with a set of exercises to prevent osteoporosis will be preserved, and it will always be available in the albums of the MOB VKontakte group.

At 16:00 Oksana Sannikova's lecture "Osteoporosis: treatment and prevention" will be live. Oksana Sannikova, an osteoporosis specialist and candidate of medical sciences, will talk about this  ”silent” disease, its treatment and prevention, as well as elaborate on risk factors. Everyone will be able to ask questions   in a live broadcast.